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Flexdraulic for Users

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The Flexdraulic User Program is a great fit for customers in more remote locations who might otherwise have to drive long distances to replace their specific hydraulic hoses and crimp fittings.
  • As a Flexdraulic user you see the value and quality in Flexdraulic hydraulic hose assemblies and order on-line, over the telephone or through a Flexdraulic dealer.
  • As a Flexdraulic user you can purchase a top-quality Flexdraulic adjustable crimper kit and Flexdraulic product and have it in your shop or truck ready to make your own matched hose assemblies.
  • Many Flexdraulic users like the convenience of having accuracy, precision and ease of adjustment with a truly portable crimper at the location where service is required.
  • Flexdraulic also offers crimper machine conversion kits, making it possible for a user of Flexdraulic hoses and crimp fittings to fabricate Flexdraulic hydraulic assemblies in other manufacturers’ crimper machines.

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