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Flexdraulic hydraulic hose assembly crimper machine kits are portable, precise, and powerful. Hydraulic hose crimper kits are ideal for small shops where accuracy, precision, and ease of adjustment are required and high speed production crimping is not essential.

  • Available in three different types: hand pump, pneumatic pump, and electric pump.
  • Portable to allow moving to locations where service is required.
  • Open design to give crimper operator a good field of vision when working with crimping machine.
  • Inverted die positioning, which allows placement of crimp fittings, and makes it easier to place elbows and other special fittings into crimper machine.
  • Precise repeatability - the sight gauge assures precise, repeatable crimps.
  • Allows micrometer-style adjustments make it easy to set and control crimps.
  • Powerful - has the capacity to crimp up to one-inch, two-wire hose.
  • Base mounting holes for bench or truck mounting.
  • Crimper machine conversion kits - make it possible to fabricate Flexdraulic hydraulic hose assemblies in other manufacturers' crimping machines.

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