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Hydraulic Hose

Flexdraulic one- and two-wire braided hydraulic hoses are designed to be consistently rugged and dependable for the long term. Flexdraulic hoses are used for transfer of fluids of varying viscosity, including hydraulic oils (both mineral and polyglycol based biological), aqueous solutions, water emulsions, and even sea water.

Flexdraulic hydraulic hoses with their matching crimp fittings make up the hydraulic hose assemblies that are used in a wide variety of applications including in industrial and agricultural equipment and vehicles, in demanding applications such as ship yards, in power generation, mining, construction, oil and marine industries, and in the tough environment of the factory floor. The consistent quality and reliability of our Flexdraulic line are evident in every hose.

Flexdraulic Hydraulic Hose

  • Make up part of a matched system in which the Flexdraulic hydraulic hose and the crimp fitting are matched relative to the application and media conveyed.
  • Are impulse and burst tested to the highest international hydraulic hose standards.
  • Have Mine Safety and Health Administration (MHSA) approvals for the hydraulic hose cover.
  • One- and two-wire braided hydraulic hoses exceed by two and one half times the abrasion resistance performance as specified in the International Standards Organization (ISO) 6945 standard. Less hose abrasion means increased machine uptime and productivity.
  • Resist ozone damage five and one half times better than the DIN EN 27326 standard. Less deterioration means maximized hose life.
  • Operate in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 212°F.
  • Make field reading easy with embossed black lay lines.
  • Mate only with Flexdraulic bite-the-wire crimp fittings.
  • High pressure reinforced hydraulic hose available for pressure washer applications.

The correct choice of a hydraulic hose for a hose assembly with crimp fitting is determined by many factors, including dynamic working pressure, resistance to the media handled, and operating temperature of the media and the surrounding conditions.

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