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Hydraulic Hose Cutting

Flexdraulic hose cutting machines are ideal for small-sized shops. Our hose cutting machines are designed to cut braided hydraulic hose clean and fast. Three different Flexdraulic cutting machines are available for cutting single- and double-wire braided hoses, multi-wire braided hose, and four or six spiral hose.

  • Clean right-angle cuts make perfect hose ends for crimping by eliminating ragged and frayed cut ends.
  • Engineered reliability.
  • Rugged, heavy-duty base mount.
  • Powerful electric motor for steady cutting.
  • Scalloped cutting blades for aggressive, clean cutting of steel braiding.
  • Easy and safe to operate.
  • Fixed position cutting bladed mounted within blade guard for operator safety.
  • Includes spring loaded inner blade guard for added protection.
  • Cutting table comes with adjustable hose pins allowing hose to be pre-bent for less friction when cutting.
  • Easy to grip handle pushes radius-positioned hose into blade for fast, clean cuts

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